We are a purely Czech company that complies with all applicable legislation and laws of the Czech Republic. We have our accommodation facilities not only in Pilsen, Mladá Boleslav, and Brno but also in other places within the Czech Republic. We provide pickup to the workplace for our employees.

Each of our clients has its own coordinator, that takes care of all his requirements and provides a complete personnel service. We have a team of experienced recruiters that do recruitment in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and in countries outside the EU.

Currently, most of our clients are looking for employees from Ukraine, where we have our recruitment centers. We supply employees from countries outside the EU to clients on both short-term and long-term work visas.

We always have many employees that have both valid labor law documents and valid occupational medical examinations. We are also able to help you find employees for the basic state. We rely on a personal approach to our employees and consider them part of our team. We have the behavior and care of employees as one of our priorities, which is positively reflected in our fluctuation.